Our Kilkotagiri Tea Estate, is certified under Rainforest Alliance, for it’s Sustainable Agriculture Practices under SAN, Continuous Improvement System.

Kilkotagiri Tea Estate is also certified under UTZ since 2017. This ensures, that our products are manufactured and marked, by following the code of conduct. This demonstrates better farming methods, working conditions and care for the nature.

Employee Welfare

We, in Kilkotagiri Estate, believe that our growth is linked with the development of employees and local community, in and around our plantation. At Kilkotagiri, we focus and develop, a close knit relationship between the employee and employer. We protect employee’s right, and do not force or engage in labour discrimination. Employees are treated respectfully and not subjected to intimidation or threats. They are not abused physically or verbally / harassed sexually, or psychological mistreatment. Community rights, including the rights of indigenous are fully respected. We give prime importance to the safety and welfare of the employees.

Some of the Welfare Schemes listed below are unique and one of the best among plantation:

  • Health care facilities are provided with fully equipped bedded GARDEN HOSPITAL in the main division, and bedded dispensaries in other divisions. Annual health check up is carried out for all employees. Specialized in-house treatment is provided with visiting doctors and well trained Para Medical Staff. There’s also a tie up with the Government and Private Hospitals for special treatments.
  • Day care facilities are provided in crèche with individual attention, to take care of employee’s small children.
  • The basic education for all the children of employees, is ensured through the Aided Elementary School, located within the estate. We also provide necessary support to the nearby High School, where children of the employees study.
  • Well maintained and safe housing facilities are provided for all employees.

labour welfare

  • We ensure that all employees and their families have access to safe drinking water.


Kilkotagiri Estate demonstrates an increasingly high degree of compliance, with continuous improvement criteria oriented around the following areas:

  • Effective planning and management system.
  • Eco System Conservation.
  • Soil Conservation & Management.
  • Water Conservation & Quality Parameters.
  • Wild Life Conservation.
  • Integrated Pest Management.
  • Waste Management.
  • Energy Conservation.
  • Fair Treatment & Good Working Conditions.
  • Occupational Health & Safety.
  • Community Relations.
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